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A website for revision of Scottish SQA Chemistry Exams at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. Included are SQA Past Papers, Marking Schemes, Traffic Light Evaluation Summaries, SQA Question Maps and other materials.

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The new maths revision section is now live!

You can find a huge selection of maths past papers from the SQA for your revision in our new section!

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Studying other STEM subjects as well? We've got resources for them too!

With revision materials for Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths this is all the revision you could ever need.


Past papers for students studying Scottish SQA Biology courses.


Past papers for students studying Scottish SQA Physics courses.


Past papers for students studying Scottish SQA Maths courses.

Not sure what everything is? Here are all the types of resources we have available.

This website has many chemistry revision materials for Scottish SQA Chemistry courses.

SQA Past Papers

The orginal papers from the SQA.

SQA Marking Schemes

The orginal SQA marking schemes.

JABchem Marking Schemes

Detailed marking schemes with explanations/working for each question.

Question Maps

All SQA past paper questions linked to the numbering system in the Traffic Light Self Evaluation Summaries to allow you to focus your efforts on perfecting small chunks of the course work.

Traffic Light Self Evaluation Summaries

Numbered course content statements of the course work.


Past papers from a time before some of you were born! Look for the Archived icon.


Some courses have course notes, exercises and other revision materials to supplemement the other items.

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