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Level of Study Data Book
AH AH Data Booklet
Higher H Data Booklet
N5 N5 Data Booklet

Reaction Summaries

Level of Study Reaction Summary
Higher H Reaction Summary
N5 N5 Reaction Summary

Multiple Choice Data

The JABchem Marking Schemes on this website contain data on the percentage of candidates who were correct in each the multiple choice questions. The data was taken from these sheets which also contain the percentage of candidates who also went for each wrong answer. The SQA have decided that after nearly 30 years of releasing this data on Multiple Choice Answers that they will no longer release this information from 2018 onwards.

If you have any of the multiple choice data sheets pre-2000 that I am missing please get in contact.
# Age Years Covered File
1 Advanced Higher 2016-2017 MC Data
2 Revised Advanced Higher 2013-2015 MC Data
3 Old Advanced Higher 2001-2015 MC Data
4 Higher 2016-2017 MC Data
5 Revised Higher 2012-2015 MC Data
6 Old Higher 2000-2015 MC Data
7 Pre-2000 Higher 1991-1999 MC Data
8 National 5 2014-2017 MC Data
9 Intermediate 2 2000-2015 MC Data
10 Intermediate 1 2002-2015 MC Data

Comparison of Questions