Privacy Policy

JABchem collects the least amount of data about our users as possible – we genuinely value our user’s right to privacy.

Last Reviewed 12/10/2023

How we handle your privacy

JABchem collects the least amount of data about our users as possible – we genuinely value our user’s right to privacy.

Under no circumstances will we pass on any data from our users to anyone or any 3rd party not listed below. Your data will never be sold.

In order to maintain complete transparency with our users, here is the data we collect:

Our analytics are provided by Cloudflare, and as a user of this site the ‘End User’ policies of Cloudflare’s privacy policy apply to you (

We do not use cookies to track our users. Cookies present on this site are there strictly to keep the site operational and are necessary. Information about what each cookie does can be found here (

The only two parties with access to your data from your use of the site are JABchem and Cloudflare.

This data helps to improve the website (as will your suggestions and comments).

When you submit a bug report or report an issue with the site, you are taken to a Google Forms page to complete the report. The only data we collect from your use of that form is the responses you submit, as well as the timestamp indicating when you submitted the form. We do not have access to names, email addresses, or any other personally identifiable information from your use of the form. As the form is operated by Google, when using it, you are subject to Google’s terms of service and privacy policy (

Please note that the data you provide through the Google Forms page will be used solely for the purpose of addressing and resolving the reported issues. We take reasonable measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your data, and we do not share it with any third parties unless required by law.

How we protect our users against malicious communications

Any communication from JABchem will be from one of our official email addresses, and any interactions on social media will only be from our official handles listed below.

Official channels that we communicate on:

Anyone who has reached out from a channel not listed above is impersonating JABchem likely with malicious intent.

Should you encounter an unofficial communication of any nature claiming to be from JABchem, please forward it to [email protected]. This will help us to protect you, our users.

How to get in touch

If you need to contact us about this policy, have suggestions or feedback, or questions about your data please contact us via email [email protected].